Monday, March 14, 2011

Restaurants HCG Friendly

So while I was down this past weekend I ate out twice. How? By eating at HCG friendly restaurants. Apollo Burger will serve a lettuce wrapped burger! This is not on the menu, but they say they do it all the time. You can also add onions and extra tomato. They will also add cheese if you are on maitenence. Delicious and fast if you want a drive thru.

I also went on a date with Josh to Applebees. Now, applebees caters to chubby people. One of my favorite stand up routines is by Robert Kelly about Applebees because it is the truth. If you want to laugh your bum off, watch it below.
Robert Kelly - Applebee's
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So anyways, I got the 7 oz steak with steamed veggies. I did not eath the carrots, but the zuchinni was divine. I also asked the manager for saltines. JUST ONE packet please. He looked at me funny, but Chelsea and I both believe that if they bring you 5 packets of crackers this diet is much more difficult. :)

We went and saw "Battle LA" this weekend too. It was a really good guy movie. Kinda Indenpendence Day-ish but really good. We shaved lady as well and she is freezing up here in the rain. I steal Andrea's pictures she posts of my dogs off Facebook because I am too lazy to upload my own, so when she posts a pic I will get one of the shaved lady on here. She is so tiny now without all that furr.

I had a blast running errands with my mom and sisters. I miss them all so much. Especially Mellie. She is having a baby in September!!! So crazy! I am way excited for her. I can't wait to find out if she is having a boy or a girl so I can start buying it stuff. I love being an aunt. Jake, cohen and Carly have been so much fun, it will be awesome to have another kidlet to join the fray.

Well I am off to a PI party since today is 3/14. I will however be eating some very delicious strawberries instead of the pie, but it is all good. Pie sounds delicious though. Funny dream I had the other day. I was living with Chelsea and Jeremy and while they were out I took out all these chips and 3 kinds of donuts and soda, candy and was just eating away like crazy. They pull up and I see them coming out the window and I stash everything away as fast as I can, lick my lips of any donut (I know it is spelled doughnut) powder and give them a smile. Yes, I dream of the food I am not eating and they are truly great dreams.....


Jeremy said...

Hey Babe, How's today going? I'm just cleaning and playing with the kids. I'm missing you, we usually talk around this hour but I left my phone at work last night. I'll go get it tonight. Anyway, I love reading your Blog. You are so awesome and such an amazing sister. I LOVE YOU!

Sweet Dreams!

Jeremy said...

This is Chelsea

Katie said...

Yeah for finding places you can eat out while on your diet. I am so excited for Mel! I am going to have a boy in July.